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"The work/life balance at HoK is far better than anywhere else I've worked. Our happiness, development, & fulfillment is consistently put first and it shows."

—Trevor Cookler, Senior Product Manager

More than a job, a life.

We value being a better place to work, so we continue to ensure that our team is provided for, that we have the space to practice self-care, and that we feel equipped to continue delivering our unique strengths for our clients. 



We're comfortable with uncertainty & we set reasonable expectations to ensure a healthy work-life in the context of COVID-19. 


We made the decision to close our offices before it was required, not because we knew it would be necessary but for the sake of our staff & clients.


We expect to be working from home through the end of 2020 allowing us to plan further into the future and settle into improving our current situation rather than continually adjusting to changes.


Our mostly-remote operational model prior to COVID-19 has made our own transition to socially distant work less painful, but it’s also proven to be invaluable expertise we can share.


We embrace the responsibility to help our community of professionals who’ve become unemployed at this time by reaching out to support those affected with coaching, job referrals, development, & more to help bridge this gap to their next opportunity.


Our subscriber growth services have been in high demand through COVID-19 as consumers increasingly rely on subscription products for information, entertainment, and more. We've been providing performance-driven results for our clients for over 20 years. 

Always Learning 

We operate with the mentality that a mistake is never wasted if it can be learned from. We have dedicated ourselves to becoming a better place to work and that starts with each one of us. We are actively engaged in diversity & inclusion training with our team, family, and friends. 

Ever better

Since the pandemic began we’ve hosted the first of many fully remote development intensives meant to quickly build growth teams’ collaborative skills, to overcome the distances between them and continue to execute the level and quality of work they’re accustomed to.

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