Ask Me Anything: Tracking the Right Data to Make Informed Decisions

Erica Alfonzetti - Director of Membership & Subscription, Care by Volvo

During this text-based event, Erica Alfonzetti, Head of Subscription Offers and Operations at Care by Volvo covered members' questions related to tracking the right kinds of data. Care by Volvo is the first car subscription to succeed, largely thanks to Alfonzetti and her team's dedication to understanding customers’ pain points and delivering on the solutions they need - all through the lens of data and subscriber experience optimization.

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During this text-based event, Erica Alfonzetti from Care by Volvo covered questions related to what kinds of data you should be tracking to help you make informed decisions when it comes to optimizing the subscriber experience.  Erica is leading the team at Care by Volvo as they seek to craft an exceptional customer experience.

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