Retaining Subscriptions Post-Lockdown


June 10, 2020

Unprecedented times, unprecedented challenges.

In recent months, we've all had to adapt. Like the shifts in our own everyday lives, the pandemic has created significant shifts in consumer behavior too, and we’ve seen many brands with subscription models experience huge increases in subscribers during this time.

In this webinar, we shared insights and guidance on how subscription businesses and publishers can prepare for the future and retain customers, both old and new.

Katie Bloor and Matt Robins from the team here at House of Kaizen shared innovative ways in which brands can retain subscribers and craft digital experiences focused around increasing customer lifetime value. We also welcomed Rich Rowe from The Telegraph to our expert panel for a Q&A discussion.

Topics we cover: 

  • What behaviors will persist post-lockdown and how can your products/services stay relevant?
  • How to deliver truly personalized experiences that drive retention and maintain a low churn rate.
  • The importance of innovation: how to create excellent e-commerce experiences customers expect.
  • Future-proof: how to develop an engagement strategy that protects your brand from changing habits.

Upcoming Events

November 11-13, 2020 

SubSummit is the world’s largest event dedicated to D2C subscriptions. Sessions will cover topics impacting subscription companies the most, such as churn rate management, creating an amazing customer experience, picking the right eCommerce platform, marketing techniques to grow your subscriber base, and much more. 

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