A fulfilling work-life starts with happiness in the place we spend most of our time each weekday. So once each year we host a team retreat to focus on improving happiness in the HoK experience. In this new normal where we don’t get to connect in-personas often as we’d like, we want to have the time and space to connect deeply, get creative, and bring unique perspectives together so that we can build relationships and develop our long-term priorities as we remember that long-term happiness is found in daily details.

The Agenda 

Beyond our talks, we set aside time to have some fun.


Goal Alignment 

Matt Cronin - House of Kaizen

We turned our client processes inward and defined what would help us create experiences that would make teammates never want to leave and clearly define happiness goals. We discussed the alignment of goals & defined the next steps. We came away with ways we can each work together towards building a better place to work.

Goal Alignment: Next Steps

Matt Cronin - House of Kaizen

We took a look at ways we can improve to ensure we're functioning at optimal levels to drive happiness and create a better place to work. We talked specifically about practical ways to implement what we discovered through the Goal Alignment process. We then defined & assigned tasks for the next steps to accomplishing the end goal of refining and revamping our priorities for long-term happiness.


Storytelling Workshop

We went through a storytelling workshop with the objective of helping us develop in investing relationships that make up a huge part of a better place to work and a place that works better. We started with the 5 Elements of storytelling, real world examples, and games like Story Shortening to teach the foundations of a great story. Then we each had an opportunity to practice telling stories, and received instant feedback to help improve. 


We ended on a high-note with no objective other than to just have fun and make some memories. In a step-by-step taco cooking class we learned to cook a true Mexican street taco from scratch and all its parts. 

Past Events


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