We're bringing together product, marketing, and data professionals for an exclusive 3-day, interactive virtual event. We'll refine the skills needed to deliver exceptional experience optimizations that leave subscribers wanting more.

November 17-19, 2020

The Agenda 

Talks, inspiration, reflection, and action to build products, drive growth, and have some fun while doing it.


Gearing Up for Growth: How Everyone Can Contribute to New Business

Shannyn Lee - Win Without Pitching

Understand effective ways to keep teams talking, improve team functionality, & decide on ways to include some best practices.

Matt Nowen Headshot

Developing Products: Optimizing for Growth

Matt Nowen - House of Kaizen

Revenue diversification and productization of services are critical to sustainable growth. Learn to define the product service offerings and ensure that the entire team has input into what this specific product looks like.

Induction: Aligning Your Team on the Product

Matt Nowen - House of Kaizen

It's critical that each member of your team has a clear understanding of the target and who the service is for - we'll start here and learn how to ensure that everyone is on the same page as the first step towards optimization.

Journey Mapping: More Than Understanding

Matt Nowen - House of Kaizen

We will show you how to effectively put yourself in the shoes of the target audience and walk through their journey step by step to create a journey map. When you know what your subscribers will see, think, feel, and say at each stage of their journey, you'll have more than an understanding of how to meet their needs, you will have insights and a plan for how to meet those needs.

Moments of Truth: Goal Alignment and Opportunities for Impact

Matt Nowen - House of Kaizen

Now that we've mapped the subscriber journey, it's time to take a look at the goals of prospects and the organization at each stage of the journey. We'll highlight the moments of truth, the moments that have the biggest impact on the subscriber's path, and create actionable steps for optimization.

Creative Concepting: Catching and Keeping Attention

Matt Nowen - House of Kaizen

The creative process is critically important for catching and keeping the attention of your subscribers. We'll walk through interactive exercises to formulate strategic messaging and help you conceptualize the creative assets most relevant to your ideal subscribers. 

Bring It To Life: Building a Shop Page 

Matt Nowen - House of Kaizen

In this interactive workshop, we will build a web experience that will help bring to life the product and demonstrate what you know about your subscribers.

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November 11-13, 2020 

SubSummit is the world’s largest event dedicated to D2C subscriptions. Sessions will cover topics impacting subscription companies the most, such as churn rate management, creating an amazing customer experience, picking the right eCommerce platform, marketing techniques to grow your subscriber base, and much more. 

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